Funniest Banned Comercials 2013, Funniest Banned Comercials 2013

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It’s no secret that Viagra has been used to help to treat erectile dysfunction, maintain sexual arousal and stimulate the penis into prolonged sessions of erection, but how does this scientifically-developed treatment actually work and what makes it so effective at what it does? Well, for dozens of years now men around the world have been taking advantage of the effects and benefits of Viagra to enjoy a healthier sex life without having to undergo risky hormone treatments, but let’s take a look at what makes this FDA approved treatment so much more effective than other treatments on the market.

When men become sexually aroused, their body begins to emit the chemical nitric oxide. Although this chemical will travel in the bloodstream and endocrine system; its effects really become obvious when it’s stored within male genitalia – more specifically the erectile tissue. This influx of nitric oxide helps to control the flow of blood and as more and more blood enters the tissue, the penis will become harder as it prepares for sexual intercourse. And if you aren’t ready for the real thing Sydney has heaps of phone sex chat lines, check out the numbers with a quick search online

25 thoughts on “Australia Cialis

  1. Gravatar of Vanessa Lovaah who made comment number 102 Vanessa Lovaah says:

    HAHHAHAJAHHAHAAHHAH THE ONE AT 2:00 hahahah omg I can’t take it :’D

  2. Gravatar of JustPlain Awesomeness who made comment number 104 JustPlain Awesomeness says:

    Lol I thought she put the cap in her pussy!

  3. Gravatar of Ja'Rick Rodgers who made comment number 103 Ja'Rick Rodgers says:

    I’m giving away FREE Ebola, but if you want other syndromes, STD’s or
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    Alzheimer’s – $10
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    Erectile dysfuntion – $23 (Buy this and get 10% off viagra!)
    Epilespy – $40
    Gangrene – $30
    Hepatitis A,B,C,D or E – $35 (For all of them: $125, Save $50!)
    Melanoma – $45
    Obesity – $20 (With a Happy Meal)
    Plague – $40
    Rabies – $38
    Colour blind – $10
    ADHD – $30
    Viagra – $6
    Asthma – $5
    Butthole papercut – $4
    Any type of autism – $50
    Any type of syndrome – $50
    Any type of disease – $50
    Any type of STD – $50

    PCP – $5+ (depending on how much)
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    Methamphetamine – $20+
    Acid – $7+
    Cocaine – $20+
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    you see them.

    Refunds are allowed.

    If you have anything that I do not have on stock please message me and I
    will get it in up to 6 – 24 hours.

  4. Gravatar of fatboyjones2 who made comment number 108 fatboyjones2 says:

    Did I mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ake you wipe your screen?

  5. Gravatar of Ninjatrouble1 who made comment number 106 Ninjatrouble1 says:

    wait how is that cermertial banned? 1:23

  6. Gravatar of Detective98 who made comment number 122 Detective98 says:


  7. Gravatar of Mudkip971 who made comment number 110 Mudkip971 says:

    1:15 Wait I saw this commercial on TV plenty of times. 

  8. Gravatar of Alex Castillo who made comment number 105 Alex Castillo says:

    Alright guys, let’s make the biggest comment chain world record… The
    world record is set at 15,896 replies. Cmon, let’s do this!!!!

  9. Gravatar of Christoph Dollis who made comment number 107 Christoph Dollis says:

    I think you’re lying in your headline. I do not believe most, if any, of
    these commercials were banned.

    In any case, it’s a funny set of commercials.

  10. Gravatar of Maarten Sterckx who made comment number 123 Maarten Sterckx says:

    I like the one at 0.40 the best.

  11. Gravatar of Mojoe Money who made comment number 121 Mojoe Money says:

    2:00 like what the actuall fuck

  12. Gravatar of Jal Sitnger who made comment number 125 Jal Sitnger says:

    1:36 was epic!!!!!!!!!

  13. Gravatar of The Spicy Donut who made comment number 116 The Spicy Donut says:

    “Protein stains”

  14. Gravatar of John Smith who made comment number 109 John Smith says:

    Banned Commercials my ass, Mascul-OUT (1:40) was a sketch on The Man Show.
    Don’t believe me? Notice the Comedy Central logo on the bottom right?
    They don’t put logos on commercials. Not to mention the audience laughing.

  15. Gravatar of TheGava4 who made comment number 120 TheGava4 says:

    Isn’t the girl at 01:20 Dawn from Buffy??

  16. Gravatar of Emperor Palpatine who made comment number 112 Emperor Palpatine says:

    Hey everyone I’m a part time troll, but I’m a good one (probably the best
    troll there is). Thought I’d give you guys a fair warning because we will
    have future encounters. When I’m not trolling I can be pretty reasonable
    though (hence the “part time”). You have been warned.

  17. Gravatar of ichigobunny who made comment number 119 ichigobunny says:


  18. Gravatar of cooper gibbeson who made comment number 124 cooper gibbeson says:

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  19. Gravatar of marina greaves who made comment number 126 marina greaves says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  20. Gravatar of Billy Bob who made comment number 113 Billy Bob says:

    XD The use condoms one just hilarious

  21. Gravatar of Patrick Williams who made comment number 111 Patrick Williams says:

    3:27 cristian shepard from lost

  22. Gravatar of miller murdaugh who made comment number 115 miller murdaugh says:

    Lolololo +ben weeks I have tried both viagra and cialis and they both work very well – I was pretty serious when I bought them because I felt embarrassed but if I had seen this first I might have felt more relaxed lolol

  23. Gravatar of Gopalakrishnan Iyer who made comment number 114 Gopalakrishnan Iyer says:

    Better than the boring commercials on TV

  24. Gravatar of Just Visiting who made comment number 118 Just Visiting says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:lmfao

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